Amer Majid with origin from Pakistan but born and raised in Denmark as his family members migrated to the North of Europe from South Asia at least two decades ago. Amer, after completing his educations in communications from Denmark started a project “The clear Koran”, which is the first combined translation of the narration of Islam’s scripture of Quran in its entirety in one of the Scandinavian language, Danish.

The translation of Quran in simple Danish language is released as audio book which has been very much listen by the Danes as evident from the online downloands. With the release of an audio book, spoken by a sonorous and empathetic Danish vote, while the translation, it is intended that the listener can get a sense of this experience and the voice that caters to speak to and call the listener with several kinds of appeals , invitations, examples, stories and parables through the Koran’s 114 suras.

According the description on the Audio Book, “the narration is make one of Danish Isam Bachiri (known from Outlandish). Translation is done to convey the Quran in a clear, fluent and understandable Danish. “The clear Koran” is published as e-book and audio book at the same time, both to support modern platforms, but also as an expression of the oral and auditory form of Quran was originally disseminated. Quran that the series of revelations that the Prophet Muhammad received during his adult life, was as of first recited by the Prophet to his listeners. The revelations were repeated verbatim and recited to the audience, who listened of verse and rhythmic chanting sound with verses’ often dramatic content, rhetorical questions and striking slutrim, particularly the short suras end of the Koran is characterized. This auditory dissemination of the revelation made ​​a great impression on and formed the first Muslim community”.

Denmark News talked with, Amer Majid -the person behind the idea, and project manager in coordinating the translators, publishers, productions and distributions.

“The clear Koran” went straight to the top of the bestseller list of digital books and led to headlines such as “Qur’an roars past great writers on the bestseller list.” – Information. “The most popular audio book is not written by Jussi Adler-Olsen, Harper Lee, Jo Nesbø or other well-known writers. However, it is the Clear Koran which tops the bestseller list for audio books.” 

At the same time, for English videos posted on youtube for simple Translation of Quran in English see here