About Us

We in “DenmarkNews.dk” offers an online based news and cultural platform in English language. The main objective is to connect diverse backgrounds of migrants, expats, foreign workers, professionals, and international students across Denmark.

DenmarkNews.dk aims to create meaningful dialogues and debates through incorporating new digital tools for generating valuable interaction between multicultural communities across Denmark. Introducing shared based storytelling experiences by the locals and migrants of Denmark with the wider world will be the focus of this platform to support social, cultural, economic and political development of Scandinavia.

Denmark News attempts to experiment emerging styles of journalism like infographics, responsive maps, interactive storytelling and participating events through remote geographical places. The platform will provide an opportunity for its readers and users to engage in positive news and cultural events.

Denmark News is envisioned to become a space where people can associate the platform as a community that produces multi-cultural expressions across Denmark and strengthens pluralism.