June 15, 2024
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The Viking Sorceress: The strong women of the Viking Age

The National Museum of Denmark has the loan of Kasper Holten from the Royal Theatre to direct a new, spectacular exhibition about the strong women of the Viking Age. “The Viking Sorceress” opens on the 27th of June 2024.

Elderly in Sønderborg now only need to tell their story once

In the Municipality of Sønderborg, community care providers have a new tool at their disposal – a new electronic health record solution for ensuring that the health of each citizen and other key information is properly recorded and made available for relevant employees across different…

Researcher: Seven billion newly hatched chicks are killed every year

Annually, the global egg industry kills seven billion day-old male chicks because they don’t lay eggs and aren’t worth raising for meat. While several countries have banned the practice, neither bans nor other current solutions are sustainable, says a researcher at the University of Copenhagen.