NNIT China head office has moved to Tianjin Luneng International Center

NNIT China headquarters has relocated from Tianjin Jinwan Mansion to Tianjin Luneng International Center.
Tianjin Luneng International Center, China

The NNIT China head office has relocated moving from Tianjin Jinwan Mansion to Tianjin Luneng International Center to provide employees with a more convenient and flexible office environment as well as better surroundings for the collaboration with NNIT China customers and partners.

Region Asia is an important part of the overall NNIT 2026 strategy where the company are focusing our business goals at the international Life Sciences market and the public section in Denmark.

For Region Asia we aspire to get more local market share, build domain and tech competencies in a close collaboration between the Tianjin and Singapore office, as well as being closer to our customers to support our development in the Chinese market.

As Head of Region Asia, Jason Xing says:

“This year is the 18th year of NNIT coming to China. We have already established our brand awareness and have 300 talented employees across 3 different offices. Last year, we had a relocating of our Shanghai office. And now, we have the relocating of the Tianjin Office. With the new locations our employees get a more inviting and open working environment and equally important, our customers will also get a better impression about us as a global IT consultancy working hard every day to be the best possible digitalization partner.”

At our new location, we can also look forward to better possibilities for attracting new talent.

HR director of Region Asia, Nancy Liu explains:

“The new location is nearby several top universities in China located in Tianjin. It provides more possibility for attracting outstanding talents to join us through our Student Program, which also gives a competitive position of retaining talent and supporting career development in NNIT. All this will make us become an employer of choice.”

NNIT China contact details:

34th Floor, Luneng International Center

East of Water Park Road,

Nankai District, Tianjin


Tel. +86 (22) 58856666